Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sleepless in Texas

Last month when we introduced our new Naked Mole Rat Cam we figured that it would be another fascinating distraction to many people’s days. Little did we imagine that DropCam’s technology would help us solve the mystery of “The Great NMR Escape”!

Last week, Pacific Science Center's Marketing Department received an email from a nightowl in south Texas. He had been idly viewing DropCam’s featured sites when he noticed our Naked Mole Rat Cam. Our viewer watched for almost an hour as a pair of our naked mole rats pushed their way out of the habitat - with the help of a little Halloween pumpkin.


When Animal Caretaker Chris Russell came in the next morning he immediately noticed the escapees running around the compound. After a thorough check that no one was injured in the escape, Chris returned them to the rest of the colony and secured the tubing.

The DropCam footage helps us solve a longstanding puzzle. If we knew how to prevent all escapes, we surely would. With the information we got watching this, we were immediately able to prevent any future pumpkin related escapes!

Remember, if you watch our naked mole rat cam and see anything that amazes you, drop us a line at feedback@pacsci.org.

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