Saturday, October 19, 2013

New! Improved! Naked Mole Rat Cam

Seven months after the launch of our first naked mole rat cam, we are excited to introduce a live-streaming, eye-level, wide-angle web cam with audio! With the Dropcam Pro camera, fans can watch as well as hear these industrious critters.

Just what can you expect to see? Take a look at this recent video of a determined naked mole rat transporting a carrot through the tunnels.

For more fun, click on this link:


  1. This is great. I was watching this on the Dropcam site but could not see clearly, and I have questions! One of the "rooms" looks. Like it contains a pile of sleeping rats, all stacked that right? Would love to see more info on the site, pics of the queen, and what soldier rats do?

  2. Great question Sue! You are absolutely right about seeing a pile of sleeping mole rats! Naked mole rats love sleeping in a single chamber together. It is a great way to share warmth and to maintain their social structure. You can often notice the queen lying on top of the pile. I'm not sure what you mean by soldier rats, but if you want more info about our naked mole rats, you've come to the right place. We document tons of goings on of the mole rats in this blog. Check it out:

    Thanks for your interest,


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