Monday, August 23, 2010

Tillamook The Corn Snake

Pacific Science Center has a new resident in our Life Sciences area. In the reptile display inside Building 2 you'll now find Tillamook, a corn snake that was recently donated to us.

Here's what Life Sciences Manager Sarah Moore had to say about the newest member of our family:

"I am happy, excited, and somewhat amazed to announce that we have a new corn snake. Tillamook was provided to us through the Northwest Herpetological Society, which has worked with us in the past during reptile and amphibian shows. I am pleased that we made a good enough impression on them that they offered us a snake based on what they saw during those events.

"I was floored by how quickly Tillamook made himself at home in his cage. You will have to scan behind his water dish to see him, as we work out some hiding spots that make him feel hidden while letting people find him a bit more readily."

So, stop by and meet Tillamook. Our reptile display can be found near the naked mole-rat exhibit inside Building 2. You can also see some of these critters on our Live Science Stage during certain shows.

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