Sunday, May 1, 2016

PacSciLife Gets a New Home

By Terry Pagos | May 1, 2016

Seven years ago, Pacific Science Center’s Life Sciences Department started the PacSciLife blog as “a peek behind the scenes” with stories of our animal care and horticulture adventures. Today we announce our move from the Blogger URL to our new home at PacSci Perspectives.

The Life Sciences team began this blog as an experiment to see if anyone would be as fascinated with our animals and plants as we are. We are delighted and appreciative for the blog’s success. Readers from around the world view our articles with “hits” that average over 6,000 per month. Of the past 667 blog posts, we’ve noticed that the most popular stories by far are about naked mole rats – especially the pups. Don’t worry. You’ll still be able to keep up with the lives of Elphaba, Galinda and the naked mole rat colony, the Madagascar hissing cockroaches, the pollinator garden, the weekly "Fresh Sheet” and everything else that goes on in Life Sciences. Plus you’ll also be in touch with other fascinating PSC news.

Be sure to bookmark to follow the Life Sciences team at our new web address and get all the news from under the arches!

At PacSci Perspectives you can still read stories about our continuing discoveries while working with plants and animals. But wait. There’s more! Perspectives is also your place to get news regarding PSC’s exhibits, events, programs, and movies. Come take a look. We think you’ll learn even more about the programs Pacific Science Center has to offer.


  1. Congratulations on the move.

    But... where is the feed link? I could not find one on the page. Thanks. :-)

    1. Please look again. We made the link more prominent. Here's the feed link directly:

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