Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ode to an Iguana

As today is a special day to celebrate love, Animal Caretaker Katie has written a poem in Horatian Ode format to one of her favorite friends at Pacific Science Center: Iggy the Iguana. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Ode to an Iguana

Don’t get too attached to the foster iguana because you know it will not last

That’s what I told myself when I first met Iggy, the green iguana

Oh, but her green-gray scales and her mysterious past!

Her mischievous face, her spines down her back, so reminiscent of prehistoric fauna!

With potential adopters on the horizon, I couldn’t open my heart

Even when I pet and cuddled her I tried to stay firm

But weeks went by, my resolution started to wane

How could I resist her when she is so cuddly and smart?!

We can still learn from her and enjoy every moment in the short-term

I’ll love her and wish her the best forever home, just the same!!!

-Katie Malmberg, February 2016

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