Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from Pacific Science Center, Animal Care, and our naked mole rats. In honor of the occasion, today Animal Caretakers presented the colony with seasonal edibles.

How do you like their heart-beets?


  1. Hi I'm Laura Lettunich and on Valentines Day Feb 14 2015 I got to visit the Naked Mole Rats. I have followed them on the web cam for years and contacted their handler. I was granted a tour by Lauren Bloomenthal. What a treat to finally meet them. Lauren showed me their home, how they are fed and some amazing bits of information about the NMR's While she was showing me the Naked Mole Rats a crowd of children were viewing it and due to Laurens enthusiasm and interaction with the children, while I was introduced to the NMR's the children were learning and loving it. Thank you Thank you Thank you I will be back

  2. WoW! - lucky you!!!
    this must have been really awesome,
    to meet, greet & feed the cuties.
    aftrer watching the NMRs via webcam for years, just like you, that would be "a dream comes true" for us here in germany!
    well, hopefully one day...- soon.
    nice side effect, that you've "infected" some of these kids with interest in these amazing adorable unique animals, while enjoying a special time; thumbs up!