Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Animal Enrichment

Life Sciences staff recently added several more enrichment activities to our Reptile, Amphibian and Mammal (RAM) Zone exhibits. While a lot of thought and research go into developing enrichment activities, the results are sometimes best expressed through pictures.

Naked Mole Rats

In our attempts to expand our chamber system to new heights (literally!) we have run across the problem of them being unable to scurry up their tubes when they are at steep angles. The solution? A specially designed Naked Mole Rat Ladder! With this new corrugated tube, they should be able to more easily explore their developing second story.

Al’la’shuk the Western Painted Turtle

Al’la’shuk (or Ali for short) has successfully made it through his low-energy winter period and is ready for spring! In order to take advantage of his newly acquired energy, we gave him some companions to chase around. While no fish were harmed during the making of the following video, Ali has great potential to bring out his hunting instincts and potentially gulp down a fish or two. So far, these fish are definitely giving him a run for his money!

Lydia the Leopard Gecko

Lydia is one of our longest-lived animals here at Pacific Science Center, and in her old age has deserved some MAJOR spoiling. But what’s the best way to spoil a leopard gecko? We think that a personal mani/pedi spa is just the trick with a nice bathtub to match. As recommended by Dr. Maas, occasional baths will help keep her hydrated while also allowing her pesky toe sheds to come off easily and prevent her from having any issues that come with shed build up!

We continue to work hard to develop enrichment activities for all of our animals here. So keep tuned and see what the spring time has to offer for all of them!

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