Monday, February 11, 2013

Seattle Bug Safari

Seattle Bug Safari, the wonderful arthropod museum located in Pike Place Market, recently closed their doors. Because of the closure, their fantastic variety of exhibit animals needed to find new homes.

Many of the species exhibited are animals regulated and could only go to permitted owners. Fortunately, Pacific Science Center holds those permits. So last month, Animal Caretakers Sarah, Chris, and Lauren went on an adventure to pick up some new arthropods for Animal Care.

We loaded up on boxes and containers to hold our new friends, hopped on the monorail, and headed down to Pike Place. When we got there, owner Brian Rolf brought us in to look over the selection. We knew we had to fight the “kid in a candy store” syndrome; mainly take creatures that we already exhibit and/or have the space and resources for. With that in mind, we packed up the following:

1 Chilean Rose Tarantula
9 Blue Death-feigning Beetles
4 Diving Beetles
4 Cactus Longhorn Beetles
6 Giant Brazilian Cockroaches
57 Australian Prickly Sticks

Most of the animals joined others of their species on exhibit. Australian Prickly Sticks, a species we have had in the past, are now on display. In addition to the Prickly Stick adults and juveniles on exhibit, we have numerous containers of their eggs hatching in an off-exhibit nursery. The young Prickly Sticks can grow up in the quiet of the back room with lots of blackberry leaves to enjoy. After a few molts, they will be placed on display.

Thanks to Brian and Seattle Bug Safari for some amazing new animals! Watch Brian showing his knowledge and insect handling skills here: Do you recognize some of the arthropods we also have at Pacific Science Center? Come by and visit them!

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