Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fresh Sheet – December 15, 2012

Next time you visit the Tropical Butterfly House, look closely into the emerging window. If you see a butterfly emerging from a pupa, perhaps you can become part of our Citizen Science Project. Details here:


80 - Papilio lowii (Sunset Swallowtail)
52 - Papilio rumanzovia (Crimson Swallowtail)
80 - Idea leuconoe (Paper Kite)
80 - Doleschalia bisaltide (Autumn Leaf)
09 - Pachliopta kotzeboea (Pink Rose)
21 - Graphium agamemnon (Tailed Jay)
80 - Parthenos sylvia philippensis (The Clipper)
15 - Ideopsis juventa (Wood Nymph)
50 - Cethosia biblis (Red Lacewing)
40 - Hypolimnas bolina (Blue moon)

Total = 507

“Fresh Sheet” is our weekly shipment report of pupae on display in the emerging window. Visit Pacific Science Center’s Tropical Butterfly House and meet our newest residents.

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