Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brie’s Last Day

Animal Care Lead Brianna Todd has left the sanity and security of full-time employment to pursue a Masters in Science Teaching at Evergreen State College (Go Geoducks!). She will be a great teacher. We will all miss her calm, competent, and organized approach to animal husbandry as well as her totally original sense of humor.

All of us are happy/sad for Brie's success, although we each express it differently. Recently, Brie had a short conversation with one of her charges. Here is her version:

On my last day of work, Cindy the centipede was like, "No! Don't go!"

And I was like, "You got this. You don't need me anymore."

And she was like, "Okay! Kisses!"

The staff would like to remind everyone that kissing a centipede is not advised. They are venomous.


  1. I especially will miss Brie's blog stories and her help editing mine.

  2. Me too. I like how Brianna can run the full range from serious science explanation, to "Oh, look how cute this animal is" and everything in between.