Monday, August 20, 2012

Tide Pooling 101

Animal Caretaker Cari Garand is also an Interpretive Supervisor at the Seattle Aquarium. Recently, she became an Interpretive Diver as well. Cari’s diving experience, gained while working at the Catalina Island Marine Institute in 2003, more than qualifies her as our resident expert on tide pooling and marine life.

Cari has now added an interesting display to the Puget Sound Model exhibit area that further demonstrates her love of the water!

Anyone who knows me knows it doesn’t take much to convince me to head to the beach, rain or shine! So when our Life Sciences Manager, Sarah Moore, asked me if I wanted to create a beach themed board the answer was an astounding YES! With the board’s convenient location next to the Puget Sound Model in Building 2, it only seemed logical that the theme should highlight our local beaches and marine life.

The most difficult part of this project was picking and choosing what was most fascinating and relevant as I frantically filled pieces of scratch paper with ideas. In the end I knew I wanted to bring both locals and visitors the tools to explore the beaches throughout Puget Sound (or whatever beach is local) safely for them and the animals.

So if you have ever wondered, “What is the best time to go to the beach to see cool animals?” or “What’s the best way to interact with the animals on the beach?” or perhaps “How does an anemone reproduce?” We have the answers for you! Come and visit the new “Discover Our Local Beaches” board for an introduction to tides, Puget Sound marine life, beach etiquette, and even some ideas of how to learn more.

Happy Tide Pooling!

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