Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tide Pool Collecting, July 2012

The recent low tides for Puget Sound mean only one thing for the Life Science Department: Tide pooling! A few days ago, a spirited crew took off, permit-in-hand, to find interesting animals and artifacts for our Puget Sound Saltwater Tide Pool.

Members of this collection trip included Diana Johns, Katy McCown, Chris Russell, Cari Garand, and our Animal Care Intern, Chloe.

Here’s what was collected:

Moon Snail egg cases - 4
Hermit Crabs – 15
Lined Chitons – 3
Mottled Sea Stars – 4 small
Rocks with barnacles – 1
Plumose Anemones – 1
Aggregating Anemones – 5
Snails – 7
Scallop shell – 1
Burrowing sea cucumber – 1
Christmas anemone – 2
Limpet – 1

Take a close look the next time you visit our tide pool exhibit but please be careful. Some of these critters are fragile and rightfully shy in their new environment.

Once again, we thank PSC Volunteer John Aurelius and the Indianola Beach community for allowing us access to their beautiful tide pools.
Thank you, John, for photographing this expedition.

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