Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Third Anniversary!

This month PacSciLife celebrates three years of peeking behind the scenes of Pacific Science Center’s Life Science Department. This blog may not be as popular as “The Huffington Post,” “Science Daily,” or even “I Can Has a Cheezburger,” but we’re very happy with our readership and the feedback we receive from you.

Ever wonder which of the past 338 posts have been the most popular?

Take a stroll down Memory Lane and see if your favorite article made the top ten. Here are the most viewed PacSciLife articles of the past three years.

1. Mole Rat Babies
2. Life As a Baby Mole Rat
3. Mole-Rat Pups at One Month
4. A Festivus Miracle!

5. Help Us Name Our Snake
6. Recipe for a Healthy Axolotl Aquarium

7. Bee Bonus
8. Babies!!!
9. Mole-rats Get Inked
10. The Very Hungry Nudibranch

We're also excited to see that we have followers from all around the globe, from as far away as Australia, Russia, Turkey, and India! We hope that all of our blog followers will continue to check in with us, ask questions, leave comments, and pay us a visit if you are ever in Seattle.

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