Thursday, May 31, 2012

Animal Attractions

Have you visited Pacific Science Center recently? Your top priority will probably be visiting King Tut. But if you have a few minutes after exploring this amazing traveling exhibit, come see Queen Galinda, the naked mole-rat, in her new home.

That’s right, the Animal Attractions exhibits are now safely and successfully relocated into a space within the Ackerley Family Gallery, near the entrance to the Tropical Butterfly House. Life Sciences staff report that all the animals – naked mole-rats, snakes, Lydia the leopard gecko and the axolotls all seem to be transitioning well.

Exhibit Coordinator Jamie Klein deserves much of the credit for bringing about this seamless transition. She worked closely with the animal care team to make sure the animals were not impacted by the noise and dust of the move. Jamie planned out the space so that the animals are more visible but still go about their normal activities without stress.

The mole-rats are now close enough that on a quiet day, you can hear the clicking sound of their chewing. The axolotls are more accessible to children’s viewing, and the corn snakes have a wall all to themselves.

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