Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Latest Tide Pool Collecting Trip

Last week Cari Garand, Adrian Eng, and Portia Riedel went on a tide pool collection trip at The Cove in Normandy Park outside of Seattle.

Here’s what they collected:

Moonsnail egg cases
Hermit Crabs
Mossy/Hairy Chitons
Kelp Crabs
Mottled Sea Stars
Ochre Star

Shaggy Mouse Nudibranch
Shells with barnacles
Misc. Juvenile Crab
Plumose Anemones

Brooding Anemones (and their brood)
Aggregating Anemones

Spotted Aglajas
Sand dollar
Heart cockle

We expect to keep the sea stars, anemones and hermit crabs for months or years to come. But snail egg cases are fragile and will probably only last a few days before breaking apart. To see our new collection in all its glory, hurry down!


  1. What is pictured in the top photo? We take our grandchildren to The Cove and they ask us what this is. There are lots of them visible at low tide.

    1. This is a frequently asked question because these funny, rubbery looking things seem out of place on the beach. They are Moon Snail egg casings. We blogged about them a few years ago -