Monday, March 7, 2011

"Butterflies of El Salvador"

For years, Pacific Science Center has worked with a wonderful butterfly farm, Bioproductores de El Salvador. Through their e-mails and phone calls, we have caught intriguing glimpses into the challenges faced by a butterfly farmer working to do more –to create a wildlife refuge in the midst of habitats that have been heavily damaged by other human uses..

Dr. Serrano’s brief, evocative descriptions of daily life, or of the upsets of hurricanes, volcanoes, droughts and weather anomalies have always left us wanting to know more about his farm and what it takes to run it. The great news is, at last he has created a web site to tell more. Go to

If you enjoy Pacific Science Center’s Tropical Butterfly House, you really must take a look. So much goes into the export of the lovely insects we display. And some of our favorite butterflies are described in great detail, with notes on their behavior that can help us plan our exhibit better.

Congratulations, Francisco Serrano, on creating this wonderful new resource.

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