Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keeping Score

This is the season when we reflect on our previous year’s accomplishments. For Life Sciences staff, no data are more interesting than pupae statistics. Here for all of you who are as fascinated as we, are the Tropical Butterfly House numbers for 2010!


Shipments received = 73
Number of species received* = 137
Pupae received = 25810
Healthy butterflies released = 20480
Percentage good emergence = 79%
Parasitized pupae = 30

Top Scores

Most pupae received/species: Morpho peleides = 2095
Highest emergence rate*: Siderone nemesis = 96%,
Phoebis sennae = 96%, and Papilio nireus =96%
Lowest emergence rate*: Tithorea harmonia = 46%

*For pupae species with more than 100 specimens total. In 2010 we got 55 additional species in quantities smaller than 100. Some were single shipments; others were a few here and there. Therefore, their emergence rates do not accurately reflect that specie’s performance. For example, if we only got nine of a species and something accidentally caused them to perish, it doesn’t mean that species would not have done well, had they been given a chance.

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