Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Ballad of Rachael Shoulder

Thanksgiving in Seattle was preceded by a crippling snowstorm, causing all sorts of logistical problems for Life Sciences department staff who couldn’t get in to work. Fortunately, manager Sarah Moore had conducted an Inclement Weather Planning training just the week before. One of the trainees, Rachael Shoulder, lives near Pacific Science Center and was available to put her skills to work. Rachael’s heroic efforts inspired Sarah to write an epic “Thank You” reproduced below.

“Rachael waded in through the snow to help Adrian with his tasks. She was also in two Saturdays in a row to help Maida with the super-cleaning process for the naked mole-rats. Rachael, you are either at the top of the list of folks to call when we are in need or you’ve done so much that you are ready for a break. You will still be forever on our honor roll.” – Sarah Moore

The Ballad of Rachael Shoulder

The wind was blowing, the sky was snowing
The air was constantly growing colder
Most people were stranded in their homes
Except for Rachael Shoulder!

She put on snow boots and a thick coat
And walked outside – few were ever bolder
She went to work and she lent a hand
And she made our day, that Rachael Shoulder

She knew there were pupae to be pinned
She knew – for Adrian had told her –
That without her help it could not get done
But it did get done, thanks to Rachael Shoulder

When Maida had some tubes to clean
And a mole-rat mom needing someone to hold her
She didn’t panic or run and scream
She knew she could count on Rachael Shoulder.

Our whole department sings your praise
So I’ll say it before I get any older
We think you’re the best and we give our thanks
You’re our hero, Rachael Shoulder.

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  1. While we're handing out thank-you's, I was remiss not to include a huge thank you to Rachael's supervisors, Nikki and Phil, who generously allowed her to take time from her usual work for Pacific Science Center's Science on Wheels program. Thank you also to Pacific Science Center's alternative service policy, which asks every full time staff member to work 40 hours in a different department. Not only does it help us understand each other's work, but in this case it helped us get our work done at all!