Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tricks & Treats

Join the party animals at Pacific Science Center this weekend and watch our naked mole rats celebrate Halloween! Costumes are encouraged but not required.


  1. I was wondering about how much "enrichment" these things give but then I just have to look at that last picture. :D

    Yours sincerely
    Jesper K. Boesen

  2. Hi,

    great picture with the guy in the pumpkin! :-))

    How your naked mole rats celebrate christmas?

    Many greetings from your reader


  3. Dear Suzy, our animals each seem to have a favorite time of year when they really revel in decorations. For the mole-rats, that would be autumn. Their personalities seem to fit with pumpkins and costumes. The tidepool really gets into the Summer holidays, when low tides are also most visible.

    This time of year, as it grows darker outside, our butterfly house seems to light up with energy. So the mole-rats will certainly enjoy some extra treats, but check our blog again in early January to see how the butterflies were celebrating!