Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday Babies!

As mentioned in our previous post, today is the one year birthday of our first successful mole-rat litter since 2007. In celebration, we've made them a tuber cake!

Visit the naked mole-rat colony today and watch them celebrate the occasion. Hurry, because the cake might not last long!


  1. Now I'm not saying your tuber cake isn't beautiful... because it definitely is. But how about next year, a cake that looks something like this:

    Pretty awesome right?

  2. I am seriously impressed with that tuber cake.

  3. In response to the many off-line questions we've received: The bottom layer is jicama, middle layer is turnip, and the top layer is sweet potato. The icing is made from the "dough ball" nutritional supplement mixture we make for them. On top are tiny carrot sticks and celery leaves and the cake is sitting on a layer of kale and romaine.