Monday, July 12, 2010

A Whale of a Problem

The Life Sciences department would like to bring your attention to a small but powerful exhibit that is situated near the Puget Sound Salt Water Tide Pool underneath the whale skeleton.

Take a look at this garbage! The exhibit reconstructs the 3.2 pounds of man-made debris that scientists found inside a gray whale’s stomach. The dead animal was found stranded on West Seattle in April.

Plastic items: 441g (15.5 oz)
Fabric Items: 837 g (29.4)
Miscellaneous Items: 165 g (5.8 oz)
• Golf ball
• Fishing line
• Nylon rope
• Capri Sun juice pack
• Duct tape
• Electrical tape
• Rubber band
• Rubber string
• Surgical glove

Total weight: 1443 g (3.2 lbs)

Our waters and shorelines are precious. This is a reminder to those of us who frequent rivers, lakes, and seashores to never leave trash behind. Even better, when visiting beaches, bring along a pair of gloves and a litter bag. Take out some of the rubbish that others have carelessly left behind.

You just might save a whale!

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