Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No - Thank YOU!

Pacific Science Center’s “Camps for Curious Minds” are in full swing at this summer and Life Sciences staff never passes up an opportunity to get involved. Whether interpreting the naked mole-rats and snakes for “Get Set to Be a Vet,” tide pool feeding for “Wild Ocean Adventures,” or giving a hands-on tour our Tropical Butterfly House, our staff really enjoys the young scientists-in-training.

The campers must enjoy the experience as well because we get letters – lots of them!

Below are a few examples:

Dear Brianna, Thank you for showing and teaching us about naked mole rats. I really enjoyed watching them crawl through the tunnels. I love it so much I drew you a picture of one crawling though a tunnel. From, Zoe L.

Dear Sarah
I really liked the naked mole rats but I especially liked the smell of the toilet chamber that was the best.

Dear Sarah I realy liked the naked mole rats they war very very fast. Were in Africa did you get them. I guess it must rake lost of practice to go backwords. How come the naked mole rats go over each other. When the naked mole rats pile up on each ther its kind of silly. Where did you get the tudes.

Dear Snake handlers, The snake is my 3rd favorite animal! I think you knocked it up to 2nd! Thanks tons for the new memorie! Love, Lauren

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  1. I didn't even KNOW the snake was my third favorite animal...