Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August Butterfly of the Month


  • Range: Southern United States to tropical South America

  • Although there are 24 different species in the genus Myscelia, our Tropical Butterfly House only flies two: M. ethusa (Royal Blue) and M. cyaniris (Blue Wave). M. ethusa is notably brighter with a very intense, iridescent blue coloration.

  • The males of this genus are often found perched on tree trunks. They may also mistake people for tree trunks and land on them as well. Females are quite active during the middle of the day. However, neither male nor female are capable of flying long distances.

  • If you're able to spot a Myscelia at rest, you may notice that they close their forewings into their hindwings, forming a trianle. These butterflies are so compact that they are almost invisible! This is another good reason to check yourself closely before you leave the Tropical Butterfly House.

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